SuJu “No Other” and KangIn’s “Goodbye (A Short Journey)”

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Repackaged Album

[—> Read more…!!]


Happy Teukie-Day!!!!

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B-Day Boy

The SuJu members celebrated their leader’s, and oldest member, birthday. [—> Read more…!!]

A Little Movie I watched…”Ride Away”

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Ride Away

I saw it last night. I was in the mood for some romance :/…and ended up searching through Korean movies. I came across “Ride Away” and it caught my attention, [—> Read more…!!]

Super Junior’s Newest Single “No Other”

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Minah Repackaged Album

SuJu just released their newest single, from their repackaged album “Minah.” The preview looks promising, and a lot better that “Bonamana.” [—> Read more…!!]

SS501 “Love Ya” Full MV

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Love Ya

It’s dark season in Kpopland… [—> Read more…!!]

#ProtectSuperJunior Number One Trending Topic On Twitter.

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Protect Super Junior

Apparently Chinese newspapers are reporting a death caused by a stampede on Super Junior’s recent concert on Shanghai, China. Many more were injured [—> Read more…!!]

“Poor DongHae” trending on twitter.

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Poor DongHae

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