SHINee’s Lucifer MV plus pictures.

SHINee Lucifer


It’s okay. Yet another dance song. I like the video and darkish style of the boys.

Now for the pictures:


MinHo 2

What on earth is that on your head MinHo…? Other than that, cute.



Onew 2

If he was aiming for the “reckless, unattainable bad boy type” he captured that concept very well, specially on the first picture. Thumbs up for Onew. He looks hot.


JongHyun 2

Cute. No weird head piece, or haircut. Good. Well, except for his concept picture’s back to the camera…


Key 2

Key, Key, Key…what’s with the haircut?? What happened?! What’s that on your face??

What’s with all the SM’s weird concepts lately…??


TaeMin 2

Maknae is looking cute. Maybe he tried to achieve “the bad boy” look too…but sorry Taemin, you are to cutsey, cutsey and young for me to think anything else than you look cuetsey, cutesey and young. Not that cutsey, cutsey is bad, it’s just the young part. I’m loving the haircut thought. It looks great. I wouldn’t usually think guys with long hair, as he has here, look good but it flatters Maknae’s features.

There’s a reason I left TaeMin for last, and that is his striking resemblance with Kim HeeChul. I had seen pictures of them before and I thought they did shared a resemblance, but this one time around when I saw one particular picture of him I thought “HeeChul”?? And had to look again. Here’s the picture:


Their features are oddly similar. Big lips, big nose, big eyes…All similar. They even shared similar hair colors and haircuts at one point.

HeeTae 2

Ten years apart, no relationship whatsoever and yet look so similar. Two pretty guys 🙂

Saranghaeyo & Take Care-MOI.


~ by Nahby on July 21, 2010.

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