Kim Hyun Joong Started With a Kiss??


Hyunie has been cast as the lead role for the upcoming drama?? What do you guys think??

I receive news on my email, a few days ago I scrolled down my inbox and there it was “Kim Hyun Joong has been cast as the lead on ‘It Started With a Kiss’.”

My first reaction?? “F. You!!!!”

Not because Hyun Joong, god knows I love that guy, but because I just wanted Kim HeeChul to be given that role for some reason. I think he deserves the opportunity.

The F.U. Reaction lasted about five seconds anyway. Then I went “Oh, alright. That’s cool. Be happy for him woman!!!!”

Hyun Joong made the smartest move by going to another company. I’m happy he’s getting this opportunity, as happy as if it had been HeeChul because both deserve opportunities like this. I have faith in Hyun Joong and that he will make the best out of this chance and prove all those who criticized him for his acting in BBF wrong. To be quite hones, I liked him in BBF. I thought his character was supposed to be the way he played it. Maybe he did need some acting lessons, but he didn’t do bad. And yes, I’m probably being biased because JiHoo was my favorite character on that drama.

My best wishes to Kim Hyun Joong on his new drama. I wanted to see him play a bad-ass spy on the IRIS spin off, but seeing him back in a character that will probably remind me of JiHoo is a good thing.

On related news, Jung Yong Hwa was also considered for the part but couldn’t compromise because of his packed schedule. Sad, that’s another one who I would have loved to see as the lead. If you remember well, Yong Hwa’s character in “You’re Beautiful” was compared with JiHoo, since they shared many similarities.

The female lead hasn’t been decided yet, but F(X) Sulli is being considered and I hope she gets the role. I love that girl!! :). Park Shin Hye is also being considered.

Ahhh, Hyun Joong’s smile is so charming. I’m reminded why I loved him in BBF so much now when searching for pictures of JiHoo for this post. I must watch that drama again, hehe.


And I loved this haircut on him :).


Saranghaeyo & Take Care-MOI.


~ by Nahby on July 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “Kim Hyun Joong Started With a Kiss??”

  1. Well, i don’t really like that drama, or the manga, but i’m happy to see Kim Hyun Joong to have another project.
    It’s kind of funny how other bashed on him based on the Jihoo character. I read the manga, and that was what exactly Rui should be. The Rui in Taiwanese and Japanese versions were actually modified by the script writters, to make him more approachable, likable for viewers. It’s not the case with the manga. All were started by antis anyway. It’s kind of weird how Korean’s actors and actress or idols have tons of antis. And most of those antis are doing those thing just to prove that their idols are better.

    Anyway, i was actually hopping for him to be in some other drama. Whatever, i’ll watch it anyway.

    • True, I thought his character was supposed to be kind of emotionless and reserved. I didn’t read the manga thought, but I’ve searched about the character and he’s supposed to be like that, like you said. Beside in the drama they make it clear that he’s a reserved person, kind of a loner and that he doesn’t show emotions. Korean antis of any star are insane in general, it’s just ridiculous tbh.

      I was hoping to see him in another drama too, something different that what we saw him in BFF, oh well.

  2. Perfect man, Kim Hyun Joong. I will love you forever.

  3. gwapo

  4. u r soooooooooooooooooo cute jihoo

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