HanGeng Talks about SM in new interview…Sad and Infuriating.


Must watch.

Not even a wild animal deserves that kind of treatment. It is ridiculous and infuriating that this company treats their artists like a piece of meat, like a lifeless object with no feelings. Everyday I come to dislike SME more and more. It makes me sick that people like the manager and company exist.

All I could wish when watching the video was for time to turn back, and being in the place of that doctor. The situation would have been a lot different. It’s not only because the victim was HanGeng, but because the human rights of a person were being violated and a life was put in danger. Human rights should be protected. Life, any life, is very precious and should be valued over all. HanGeng’s life was put in danger and that is not excusable. I would love to see what that person would do if it was his/her kid, or one of his/her family members in HanGeng’s position. I am sure he or she would have acted different. Where is the love and empathy people??

HanGeng gege/oppa your future is bright. Your lawsuit is with SM and not SuJu; those of us with a little bit of understanding know that and support you. All you have to do to makes us fans happy is being healthy and happy yourself…nothing else matters. You know what they say, the sky is the limit and you have what it takes to get there. Maybe an overused quote, but still true. As for SME, you know that one F word?? It would be of great use here, then gain you are too much of a gentleman to use it.

I think a massive lawsuit from all the SJ members is in order…it would be one of the most pleasing events to date.

Saranghaeyo & Take Care-MOI.


~ by Nahby on July 11, 2010.

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