What will happen to SS501 now that Kim Hyun Joong is leaving DPS Media??


After many rumors of Kim Hyun Joong leaving DPS Media and some emotive performances from SS501 that made fans expect the worst, it’s confirmed —SS501’s leader is leaving DPS Media for greener Forests?? Indeed he is, Boundaries of Forest is the entertainment company Hyun Joong signed an exclusive contract with. Look at that!! BOF—Omen anyone??

If you guys remember Hyun Joong was allegedly seen talking to Bae Yong Joon about a Drama project. BOF is Yong Joon’s entertainment company. Well we know what they were talking so much about now…

SS501’s contract with DPS expired on June 7th, and all activities for “Love Ya” were stopped on the 20th of that same month. And I ask myself, what’s the use on releasing a new record if the contract is going to expire?? Oh I know, “let the people buy the record so we, DPS Media, can make good money out of it…”

There’s no reports as to what will become of SS501, or if they too signed with BOF. Lets hope for the best, and if we can’t have the best, lets just hope they all have very successful careers after this. After all BOF said they will help Hyun Joong develop his singing and acting and I know fans want to see him achieve his full potential. I’m happy for him. As for Heo Young Saeng, he can go back to SM and become part of SuJu…I’m just kidding about that one ;).

I wish the best to the guys. They were the first K-Pop group I came across. I was a little obsessed with them fo a while…then I found SuJu. Yeah, I don’t know either…

I’ll miss them SS501 boys :(.

Saranghaeyo & Take Care-MOI.


~ by Nahby on July 3, 2010.

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