HanGeng’s New MV “Heart” Teaser and Pictures!!!!

Who else thinks this MV signifies all of Geng’s struggles for years?? His struggles to get recognized, to get to the top, to be himself and about missing his family and country?? That’s the feeling I get from the teaser.

I mean, if you look at the teaser, it’s full of symbols…

The mountain—Geng’s struggle to get to where he wants, to be recognized, to get to the top.

Taking a deep breath—To endure, to be strong, to be able to walk forward.

Falling from stairs, a helicopter leaving him behind—Representing him getting up time after time after every fall, not giving up even if he wasn’t given the best opportunities.

It’s all very symbolic, no??

In other news, HanGeng will hold a solo concert on the 17th of July and tickets for it were sold out on the first hour the first day they were available. Impressive, but it only goes to show how many fans he has supporting him and wishing to see him triumph. Geng invited the members from SuJu and I hope they will be able to make it, at least HeeChul. However, SME probably won’t allow it…or they will as another one of their dirty strategies to make HanGeng seem as the bad guy.

HanGeng’s lawsuit has not yet been resolved, and SME recently stated that HanGeng is still under contract with the company and all his activities need to be approved by them. Nevertheless, HanGeng has handed the case to his lawyer and has faith he will do him justice.

SME keeps delaying the outcome of the case, how ridiculous. HanGeng has been presented with great opportunities and he has done right by taking them. Just let him go already. Let HanGeng be happy SME, don’t hurt him more than you already have. He’s happy; he’s healthy…just face it, you had a bright star in your hands and you foolishly lost him and now it’s too late. He has a brighter future than he’s ever had with you SM, just accept your defeat and stupidity and let the boy go already.

My best wished to HanGeng—The Chinese Sunshine. I can see you have a bright future ahead of you, and we all will be there supporting you. One of your best qualities is that you never give up, you always stand up after every fall…for that you will go far. Fighting oppa…or gege!!!!

Saranghaeyo & Take Care-MOI.


~ by Nahby on July 3, 2010.

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